Cabin Leader Description/Info:

What is a Cabin Leader?

As a Cabin Leader, you will be spending your time living with the campers during your session. You will be their mom or dad for the week. Your responsibilities will be teaching, nurturing, and getting your campers where their planned activity is to be held. You will need to be an encourager, listener, spiritual leader, and a disciplinarian. You will be blessed beyond belief; it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever encounter.

Personal Qualities: Cabin Leaders are persons of mature Christian faith who have a commitment to the church of Jesus Christ. They have the ability to be a part of a working team and to work independently when called upon. They have a growing awareness of the age level with which they will be working and can relate positively with them. They are persons who continue to develop the skills necessary to fulfill their position. Cabin Leaders shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age and be at least two (2) years older than the oldest camper the cabin leader will supervise.

It is expected that cabin leaders will be involved in the following activities:

Camp Leader Training will be completed online this year. Please read through the materials below and complete the course provided. You will complete the two courses (Effective Cabin Leader Training and Child Abuse Course).

Effective Cabin Leader Training

Child Abuse Course


  • Equip yourself with the necessary skills to carry out your responsibility.
    • Attend pre-camp training events – THESE ARE MANDATORY!
    • Work independently to enhance camping skills
    • Prepare yourself spiritually through participation in worship, personal devotion, etc….
    • Pray for the campers with whom you will be working.
    • Plan any assigned program task before camp begins.
  • Implementing the program:
    • Fulfill all necessary cabin leaders responsibilities including:
      • Complete an application and background check
      • Caring for the needs of the cabin group
      • Watch out for the health and safety of each other.
      • Spend quality time with each cabin group member.
      • Understand and support the overall goals of the camp.
  • Carry out assigned Program Tasks:
    • Attend daily staff meetings.
    • Lead small group activities
    • Be prepared to do your particular task (i.e. teach a craft, etc….)
  • Encourage Spiritual Growth:
    • Model a Christian life in all activities
    • Conduct daily cabin devotions
    • Be prepared to talk one-on-one with campers about their spiritual needs.
    • Spend time building personal relationships with each cabin group member.
  • Evaluating the program:
    • Complete all evaluation forms, camper reports, and return to the Session Director.
  • Time Requirements – in a nutshell, you will need time to:
    • Prepare program tasks BEFORE camp session begins.
    • Attend training events.
    • Arrive at camp early.
    • Remain on site for the entire camp session—leaving grounds only in emergencies.