The Coolest Staff Ever!

Want to have a blast this summer?

So, you must be interested in becoming a staff member at Camp Tippy?

You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity.... SO MUCH FUN!

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All About Camp Tippy Staff

Rebecca Scott Camp Tippy Director

This is Rebecca's 54th year in camping. She has been a camper, cabin leader, camp director (at Indian Creek Camp, Camp Koinonia, and Camp Tippy) cook, registar, nurse, and so much more. Thirty- three of those years in camping have been as a Camp Director. The little time she spends away from camp, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her grandsons, Quentin and Keagan.

TBA Head Cook

TBA Office Staff

Quentin Taylor Camp Grandson

This is Quentin's 14th year at camp. He enjoys getting to know the new campers and staff each year. Quentin has made lots of new friends from around the world at camp. While at camp, he helps where needed and hangs out with the campers.

Keagan Taylor Camp Grandson

This is Keagan's 10th year at camp. His favorite thing about camp is all the new people. Keagan loves to be a "lifeguard" and help the new campers around the camp.

Aaron Steers Lifeguard

This is Aaron's 4th year on staff and has been a camper here for many years. He is the guy who you see double of because his twin brother also works on staff too. He is good at asking questions to and if he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you. HIs favorite part about Camp Tippy is the carpet ball and being around his camp friends.

Jarrod Steers Lifeguard

This is Jarrod's 4th year on staff and has been a camper here for many years. He is the guy who you see double of as well. He is good at listening and following instructions. His favorite part about Camp Tippy is the atmosphere that it brings to him when he comes here.

TBA House Keeping

Matt McNiel Media Specialist

Matt has volunteered at the camp on tech related needs. This year, Matt has joined the staff to work on the weekly camp video. We can't want to see what creative ideas Matt has for the videos.

TBA Nurse

Jeremy Scott Maintenance

Jeremy has been here at the camp for 17 years and grew up in the camp ministry as the directors son. He is a hard worker and likes to farm in his spare time. His favorite thing about Camp Tippy is getting to see all the kids.

Jacob McKinney Maintenance

This is Jacob's first year as a staff member. He has been a volunteer for several years.

Lydia Hensley House Keeping

Another Welcome to Lydia! This is her first year on staff at Camp Tippy. She has spent many years at camp as a camper and even helped at a few of the younger camps. Get to know Lydia at camp this summer.

TBA Worship

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